Why would you choose us as a referral center for your patients?  Well, we are your neighbors.  We live here, we shop here and we have our families here.  Your clients are in our community, our kids may play together and we may pass them on the street while walking our dogs.  We want you to be happy with the care that your patients receive and we genuinely care about what your clients think of us.

We believe that excellent Western/traditional care is critical to patient treatment and recovery, but we also appreciate that there are some alternative modalities that could benefit a case, and we want pet parents to have full exposure to helpful additional modalities.  We will never forsake standard of care treatment, but we appreciate the value of adding to it.  We expect better outcomes and better quality of life with the additional modalities that we offer.  No alternative modality is ever pushed on a client, but we certainly offer it and your client is free to accept or decline any aspect of a treatment plan that we propose.

We believe that treatment of your patient requires all of us to be on the same team.  Without that mentality, utmost patient care may suffer.  We are always available to you, the family veterinarian, to answer any questions about any treatment that we offer or perform and we will provide a written report at the conclusion of each visit.

Our online portals are intended to make record submissions easy and retrieval of any labs and results to be at your fingertips.

The word Allure means the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.  We hope that our reputation builds on the idea that combining Western medicine and alternative modalities can have fascinating results.  Further, many unconventional supportive therapies have been clinically proven to be helpful and powerful.  We know that a large portion of pet owners are interested in these options for their pets, and we want to offer you and your clients a respected, professional environment to receive them.

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