Signs Of A Pet Emergency

Can you recognize a true emergency for your pet? Many pet owners can quickly tell that something is wrong with their beloved furry friend but they hesitate when it comes to seeking professional help. Understanding which symptoms are serious can help you feel more informed when it comes to seeking emergency services for your family pet. If you see any of these major signs, you need to seek help right away:


Severe Trauma

Has your pet just experienced extreme trauma that seems to have them in an incredible amount of pain? Perhaps they were hit by a car or attacked by another neighborhood animal. No matter what caused the trauma, you need to get your pet to a veterinarian as quickly as possible. They can tend to any wounds that may have occurred and offer your pet some painkillers to take the edge off their suffering. 



If your pet is having seizures and this is out of the norm, getting them to the veterinarian quickly is essential. Symptoms of a seizure can include jerking or stiffening of the muscles, unconsciousness, drooling, chomping, and/or foaming at the mouth. A veterinarian can help pinpoint the cause of the issue and begin to make a plan for your pet’s recovery. 


Changes in Breathing or Pulse

Can you tell that your dog or cat is not feeling well by the way they are breathing? Rapid breathing or shallow breaths should be an indicator that something could be seriously wrong. Particularly when this is accompanied by a weak or rapid pulse, you need to have a professional look over your pet to identify the cause. This is also a good time to take your pet’s temperature.  Changes in temperature, either higher or lower, could be another sign that your pet needs professional help.  


Difficulty Standing

A pet that suddenly has a hard time getting up off the floor or the couch might need help. Difficulty standing is a good warning sign that your pet does not feel their absolute best. If it seems too difficult for them, they may even be experiencing paralysis. Either of these symptoms warrants a closer look by a board-certified veterinarian. 


Refusal to Eat or Drink

Skipping a single meal or avoiding the water dish for a couple of hours is not cause for concern. However, you may want to take your pet to the vet if they have been refusing to eat or drink for two days or longer. Dehydration can be a serious issue and it is important for your pet to have plenty of fluids. Sunken eyes and a dry mouth are two signs that dehydration has begun to set in. 


Precautionary Pet Care

If you think that your pet might be having an emergency, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. At Allure Integrated Pet Specialists, we offer a 24-hour emergency vet clinic to help with all of your pet’s needs around the clock. Give us a call or come by our office to get your pet the loving attention and professional help that they need! 

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