Specialized Rehabilitation Program

Sweet Susie, a stunning 13-year young Irish Setter, came to Allure when her chronic mobility challenges progressed and made it difficult to keep up with her 3-year-old sister and live her best life. Osteoarthritis (OA) in multiple joints and chronic disc disease led to weakness and stiffness that made it difficult for her to get up off the ground and move about her home. Susie’s specialized Rehabilitation program consisted of twice-weekly sessions for underwater treadmill walking, LASER therapy, therapeutic exercises, and range-of-motion stretching. Susie’s family also worked with her at home, completing a custom home exercise program. Susie’s mom reports Susie has progressed wonderfully with improved mobility so she can better navigate the stairs at home, get up on the couch with ease, and squat to potty without losing her balance (very important for a girl’s dignity!).

If you have an arthritic senior pet who is experiencing mobility difficulties and struggles to enjoy life, consult with your primary veterinarian about the benefits physical rehabilitation may provide.

For more information on Allure Integrated Pet Specialists Rehabilitation Department please go to https://allurepetspecialists.com/specialty-services/physical-rehabilitation/ or call (210)874-2727.

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