What Can Acupuncture Do for My Pet?

Many pet owners love the idea of finding more natural alternatives to traditional veterinary medicine. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there to give your pet the very best treatment these days. Acupuncture for pets is growing in popularity and it might be something that you want to explore. To understand how acupuncture can help with your pet’s chronic conditions, keep reading.


Reduces Inflammation and Joint Pain

Acupuncture is an all-natural approach that is often used to treat animals with arthritis and other joint issues like hip dysplasia or degenerative joint disease. It not only helps to reduce the inflammation in these tender areas, but it can also improve the animal’s range of motion in those joints. It works by increasing the blood flow and oxygen levels in these particular areas. 


The muscles tend to relax wherever the needle is inserted (as well as in other related areas of the body). It can relieve pain in the specific areas targeted for treatment as well as reduce pain all over the body. In essence, acupuncture for arthritis and joint conditions works by stimulating naturally-occurring pain relievers and anti-inflammatory responses to decrease the amount of pain the animal feels. 


Keep in mind that acupuncture is often used in tandem with a more traditional approach to treating these conditions. While it can minimize the number of pain-relieving drugs that your pet needs, acupuncture may not eliminate their need for these medications entirely. 


Improved Skin Conditions

Many skin conditions can also benefit greatly from the introduction of acupuncture. Because it stimulates an anti-inflammatory response and increases circulation, skin conditions begin to clear up rather quickly. Also, your pet may not be as prone to scratch at or lick skin conditions when undergoing this type of treatment. Holistic veterinarians will suggest acupuncture as a treatment for dermatitis resulting from allergies or hot spots. 


Gastrointestinal Issues

Does your pet have a hard time digesting their food? Pets that are prone to digestive upset are also candidates for acupuncture treatment. The needles cause an increase in blood flow that benefits their digestive tracts. Constant problems like nausea and diarrhea can be improved with this increase in blood flow. It is also thought that acupuncture may be able to stimulate digestive secretions that could make your pet’s gastrointestinal issues a thing of the past. 


Finding an Experienced Professional

There are a lot of benefits to pursuing acupuncture as a more natural treatment approach for your beloved furry friend. The key to success is finding a professional who is experienced in this type of treatment. Your local New Braunfels veterinary clinic can help you to pursue this option. Allure Integrated Pet Specialists has the experience you need to treat your pet successfully!

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